From the Proprietor:

When you come to TBIA you are joining a community of pupils from different backgrounds. In order for the community to function effectively and happily, certain rules are required. They can be broadly summarised under two headings: respect for others and respect for property. Anti-social, unpleasant and selfish behaviour, are, of course, unacceptable in all societies, as they are at TB IA: those who cannot understand the destructiveness of bullying, stealing, or drug abuse clearly cannot remain here.

With other rules TBIA seeks not to ape the standards of society, but rather to set a moral lead, and to respond to the particular requirements that any individual community always has. Intensely intimate relationships, for example, often have an unusually powerful and destructive effect within a school where, in addition, there is a responsibility to ensure that standards of behaviour are at least as rigorously adhered to as they are in most homes. Thus, sexual relations between pupils are prohibited regardless of what may be considered acceptable behaviour in other social groupings. In joining the TBIA community acceptance of these standards is assumed, and compliance with them is expected.

The Uniform for Girls

Primary: Green check frock with collar and pleats complete with Green Beret affixed with crest. Black shoes and white socks will be required.

J.S.S: Green frock designed with pleats and green check shirt, blouse with short sleeves underneath the frock complete green beret affixed with crest. Black shoes and white socks.

S.S.S: Green skirt with pleats and marching green shirt/blouse with short sleeves and green felt hat with hat bank. Black shoes and white socks are required.

Ceremonial Uniform

Primary: white blouse/shirt with bowtie, bottle green skirt with pleats,, white stocking and low black shoes, and beret.

JSS & SSS: Felt hat with band, white shirt/blouse and tie striped with white lines, bottle green coat affixed with a badge; white skirt with pleats; white stocking and low black shoes.

The Uniform for Boys

Primary: Green check shirt with short sleeves and with a badge stitched to the pocket green shorts just above the knees. Black shoes and white socks are required.

J.S.S. 1-3: Green check shirt with short sleeves and with a badge stitched to the pocket green shorts just above the knees. Black shoes and white socks are required.

S.S.S 1: Green check shirt with short sleeves with a badge stitched t the pocket green shorts just above the knees. Black shoes and white socks are required.

SSS II: Green check shirt with short sleeves piped with green; green trousers, black shoes and white socks.

Ceremonial Uniform

JSS & SSS: White shirt with a tie striped with white lines, bottle green coat affixed with a badge; boater, white trousers, black shoes and white socks

Note: Parents and guardians are advised to purchase Uniforms for their children/wards in the school, so as to maintain the correct design, shade of colour, and materials at affordable prices.


·        Bullying, whether physical or mental, always constitutes an assault, and is completely unacceptable.

·       Members of the School are not allowed to bet, gamble, or play cards for money, or to organize or take part in activities, which have not been authorized by the Principal.

·        No one may remove food, crockery or cutlery from the canteen. Pupils are not allowed in the canteen in sports kit.

·       Cutting lessons and activities of any kind is not allowed. Permission to miss a lesson or activity must be sought, in advance, from the master in charge of the relevant activity.

·        Pupils are expected to wear the appropriate school uniforms and be clean and tidy at all times. This includes being washed and (for boys) shaved, wearing shoes which are clean and in good repair and having shirts tucked in and top buttons fastened.

·       Chewing gum is not allowed at TBIA.

·       Eating and drinking is not allowed in learning areas. These include classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and the school hail, and when walking about the school.

·       Hair should be of a natural colour, clean, tidy and combed, and should not be cut in an extreme manner (for boys). All girls should have their hair neatly plaited at all times and extensions are prohibited.

·       TBIA should not wear any hats not provided by the school when in school uniform.

·       Any TBIA pupil wishing to leave the School grounds, other than for a School activity or Expedition during school hours, must obtain permission from his/her class teacher and sign out.

·       Damage to School property is chargeable to the pupil who is found to have caused it.

·       The Possession of alcohol of any kind is forbidden, as it is unauthorized for consumption at school or elsewhere.

·       It is forbidden to possess or use any illegal substance or to abuse any legal substance. Anyone found breaking this rule will be liable to expulsion.

·       Food and drink is available for sale at the school canteen at reduced cost.

·        The possession and use of smoking materials of any kind are forbidden in and out of school for all pupils.

·       Mobile phones must remain switched off during lesson, prep or study time.

·        Pupils should avoid bringing valuable items to School if at all possible. Cash and other valuables should be deposited with the class teacher for safekeeping.

·       Any pupil not abiding by the rules laid down will be sanctioned through the school disciplinary system.

·       For disciplinary purposes pupils may be kept in School Detention
after school.

·       Pupils can be given a Standard for lateness, failure to have books, and chattering in class. Defaulters are given for more serious of- fences, such as cheating in exams I tests, use of vile language, perpetual lateness or bad manners, etc, and may also be given for persistently poor academic work. Sanctions are given for even more serious offences, such as cut tin lessons or activities and lying.

·        Sanctions prescribed by the principal are given for the most serious offences such as smoking, drinking and bullying etc.

·       In the case of very serious breaches of School discipline, or repeat offences, the Principal may suspend a pupil from School for a period of time at his discretion. In such cases the pupil re main at home, but academic work is set by teachers.

·        A pupil may be expelled at any time if the Principal is reasonably satisfied that the pupil’s conduct (whether on or off the School premises, in or out of term time) has been prejudicial to good discipline or the School’s reputation.

·        Pupils are required to use no other language at school except
English and / or French.