Main school building
Main school building

Mission statement

We provide high quality, innovative education and training for, deprived children, adults and young people in our diverse community.  We strive to meet the needs of individuals in the community and working in partnership to encourage their participation.

Vision Statement

We are a progressive Academy based on outstanding teaching and learning where routes to professional, vocational, recreational and academic excellence are valued in equal measure.

Anticipated impact of TBIA project in the next ten years:


  • The immediate impact of our project will be that of meeting the basic right of one of the most deprive people by providing them with the opportunity to have access to private education at an affordable cost
  • In the long term the project’s goal is to produce confident and able people who will not only improve their living condition, but greatly contribute to the economic and social well being of their country and the humanity as a whole.

  • Also these children, young people and adults in the community will develop skills needed to give them a voice, make long-lasting positive changes in their lives, which in turn will free them from poverty.